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Our Culture

Foundational Values: Basis Upon Which Everything Stands

Building Culture of Honesty

Serve with Compassion and Care

Champion Accommodation & Service

Embrace Excellence

Functional Values: The Way We act as a Coordinated Group

Hunger to Learn

Work Hard

Desire to be the Best

Enjoy Your Work

Committed to Greatness

Have Fun!

Relational Values: How We Interact with Each Other

Follow the Golden Rule

Speak Positively About Our Company & Each Other

Building Positive Team Spirit

Celebrate Success

Working Together

Medley & Sons Autobody Culture & Embodied Values

Our Culture

We define culture as knowing what you need to do when you come to work in the morning without having to read a manual or having to be told what to do. 

Culture is the attitude we bring to work every day - the pattern of thinking and acting with the customer in mind. It's the habit of doing the right things and doing things right. It's a thousand behaviors inherited from team members who came before us, behaviors that we model today and then pass on as our legacy for team members who come after us. It's behaviors and attitudes that are core to who we are: respecting difference, honoring deadlines, listening to each other, keeping promises, returning phone calls and emails as promptly as we can.

Our success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude - what's in our hearts, not just our heads. Our success depends on how much our team members care for each other, for our customers, our communities. 

Enthusiastic and caring extraordinary people do extraordinary things. We want our culture to embody care and enthusiasm. We want our team members to have fun - because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn't much fun. "Fun" for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.

Medley & Sons Auto Body

Every time we serve a customer, we should ask ourselves, "If I were the customer in this situation, how would this experience feel for me? Did the transaction feel simple and easy? Did my problem get resolved quickly? Did the team member I contacted first accept responsibility for making sure I got what I needed?"  That's what we mean by Medley & Sons Autobody Culture - imagining ourselves as the customer. 

Customers want to do business with companies they connect with emotionally, that speak their language, are sensitive to their culture, value what they value and help them solve their problems. To make that emotional connection, we must put our customers at the center of everything we do.

We're a circle, not a hierarchy. At the center of the circle - our customers. Alongside them - our team members. Farther out in the circle are our leaders. At the outside of the circle are senior leaders. All of us partner together to do the best job we can for our customers.

Every Medley & Sons Autobody team member has one thing in common. We all work for the customer. Every day, our customers say to us, "Know me. Know who I am. Know what I need. When I come into the shop or go online..." They say, "Understand Me. Understand what I want to accomplish, understand  my needs."  They say, "Appreciate me and all the business I bring you. Treat me like a friend. Thank me. Reward me."

When we communicate with our customers, we should do it with C-A-R-E: Consistent. Approachable. Respectful. Empathetic. We should be consistent in our messages to customers. We should be approachable and easy to understand. We should be respectful - polite, courteous and considerate. We should show empathy, considering how the customer might respond. We should speak and write in language our customers can understand, not jargon.


An important part of our culture across all of our business is the desire to "wow!" our customers.

In auto body repair service there's a special formula for getting to "wow!" It's called the 13 Ways to Wow!


You make me feel at home.

You care about me.

You make me feel special.

"Delivering Value"

You keep me informed about the status of my repairs.

You give me the right advice.

You provide me more than I paid for.

You keep your promises.

"Following up and Building Relationships"

You help me when I really need it.

You need me.

When you make a mistake, you make things better.

You thank me.

You reach out to me.

We know what "wow!" feels like because we're all customers.


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